100 verbes en anglais

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acheter to buy
aider to help
aller to go
appeler to call
apporter to bring
apporter to bring
arrêter to stop
arriver to arrive
attendre to wait
avoir to have
avoir besoin, avoir besoin de to need
blesser to injure
boire to drink
cacher to hide
casser to break
chanter to sing
combattre to fight
commander to order
commencer to begin
composer to dial
comprendre to understand
conduire to drive
conquérir to conquer
construire to build
convaincre to convince
couper to cut
courir to run
croire to believe
décider to decide
déclarer to declare
dépendre to depend
déposer to deposit
devenir to become
dire to say
dire to tell
disparaître to disappear
distraire to distract
donner to give
douter to doubt
écrire to write
employer to employ
emprunter to borrow
enseigner to teach
essayer to try
étudier to study
exiger to demand
expérimenter to experiment
expliquer to explain
exprimer to express
faire to do
faire, créer to make
finir to finish
fumer to smoke
gagner to win
insulter to abuse
jouer to play
lire to read
manger to eat
marcher to walk
marquer to mark
mériter to deserve
mettre to put
oublier to forget
ouvrir to open
ouvrir to open
parler to talk
partir to leave
payer to pay
penser to think
perdre to lose
pleurer to cry
plier to fold
porter to carry
porter to wear
prendre to take
regarder to watch
remplir to fill
réussir to achieve, to pass
rêver to dream
rire to laugh
s’adapter to fit
s’inquiéter to worry
se souvenir to remember
sembler to seem
sentir to feel
signer to sign
suivre to follow
surmonter to overcome
tomber to fall
tourner to turn
travailler to work
trouver to find
utiliser to use
vendre to sell
venir to come
vivre to live
voir to see
voler to fly
vouloir to want
voyager to travel


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